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IB Art: A Campanion

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Most instructors would agree that the importance of students taking ownership of their own learning and creative growth is paramount to ensuring their success.

With something as demanding as the diploma program, and IB Art in particular, it is critical for students to understand that, like most journeys, this course is a continual process that ebbs and flows in proportion to their own exploration and creative drive. That said, as teachers we are also here to coach students and help them achieve. This is why my former colleague and I decided to piece together this guide. In it, students will find practical information and details about process portfolios, the comparative study and the final exhibition - all key assessments required to complete the IB visual art diploma program. Again, we found that the best way to do this was through an interactive companion.

Our most recent update, for example, delivers new curriculum standard tables, an updated design and student exemplars - all of which would not not be possible through traditional means. Ultimately, our hope that the information and practices included will be used in a range of contexts and ultimately inspire students to gain a better grasp of IB and the concepts that guided our thinking.

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