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DIY & Low Cost Camera Dolly

This is an attempt to offer an easy to build, affordable, and relatively smooth camera slider. No to need to drill or tap any holes or buy any expensive tools - just a few nuts and bolts, washers and some time.

Note: The shopping list below shows you everything you need to build the slider. I live in Shekou, which meant walking around and purchasing hardware locally. That said, much of this

can be purchased though online vendors.

Mark and cut your piece of angle to 16.5 cm”. A hacksaw or a metal cutting saw will do the job. Also asking the store you bought it at if they can cut it for you is not a bad idea.

Note: It’s much easier if you secure your angle in a vice. Line everything up and start cutting.

Step 1 

Step 2

You’ll need to bend both edges of the bracket to 45 degrees. You can do this on a table or a vice if you have one

Step 3

Now, you’re ready to assemble the carriage. Place the bent bracket on top of one of your cut angle pieces. Line up the holes and place your bolts through. Use washers as spacers. On the top side, I used one, whereas where the wheels are I used two.

Step 4

Secure camera mount with bolt. Most cameras have a 1/4-20 (1/4" diameter, 20 threads per inch) socket for attachment to a tripod.

Step 5

Place dolly on track and revel

Check out the short video below to see how this slider can help you get a more professional look

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