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Leveraging Technology To Promote Creativity

Yearbook Club

I've always had a passion for art and design.

As a teacher, I also enjoy taking on new challenges - and that's what the yearbook represented for me. I knew early on that I wanted to transform this perennial favorite that, as far back as I can remember, just always seemed to have that static, not fully accessible traditional feel to it.

As someone who also works with international students, I envisioned this new book as something that would come alive with different media and could also be shared with family and friends across the globe.

Our team is strong

Yearbook club is comprised of an interesting cross-section of our student body: we have students who are artistically inclined, students who love writing, we have middle school students working next to year 11 students - it's a great mix of kids who enjoy collaborating.

Magic bullet

It's been my experience that there is no one answer for establishing your workflow. It's an organic process that involves a lot of experimentation, being okay with trial and error and a little bit of ingenuity. For me, it's been a combination of apps (web, desktop and iOS) that have been repurposed in some way to not only make learning visible but to make things easier.

Media Rich Culture

One of the things I am most proud of is having a project that supports school-wide innovation. Students and teachers naturally want to showcase the great things happening around their school. In our case, once people realized it was possible there was no turning back. In the span of a year, I have seen an awakening of sorts, a new found emphasis on design, photography and other projects. Examples like the ones below simply would not have been possible in a print-only format.

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