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Where visual storytelling and mobile platforms intersect

Since its release, the Storehouse app has been making it easy for non-designers to tell multimedia-rich stories on their mobile devices. Aesthetically, Storehouse has a minimalist focus and simplicity which allows the user to focus on the quality of the story and the photography and videos they use to tell it.

Looking at the app through an educational lens, it's easy to see its' many applications. As an art teacher and Instructional coach, I have used the platform, beyond its' intended purpose, to showcase students reflections, deliver tutorials, and create lab reports. Students and teachers have also found it to be an invaluable tool to showcase work during conferences.

Part of Storehouse's success is due to it ease of use. This is particularly relevant since many teachers (especially in middle and high school) want to show students how to run blogs or create published web content as part of their curriculum. While I am certainly not discounting the need for student portfolios, I do find maintaining a class blog on platforms such as wordpress or edublogs to be a rather convoluted process.

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