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After connecting with students via social media, Year 11 students Avivi and Patrick, had the impetus to move forward with their CAS project. When asked how they actually proceeded from there, they quickly pointed back to their shared interest of wanting to acquire photography and editing skills - it’s what initially drew them to that Facebook page and, more importantly, what kept them committed to seeking out like-minded students, experts and putting into practice what they were learning along the way.

This project, as I quickly found out, is extensive, well-planned, student driven and completely worth sharing.

As I looked more closely into their project, the two expressed that even though each brought their own unique skill set to the project, their roles eventually evolved. For example, with Avivi, her role developed into one that involved more organization, planning and editing. She also realized that she too could take nice portrait (like Patrick). That said, in the six months that they have been working together they both say they are thinking about their project in more permanent terms. For example, this year, their photos will be part of the yearbook. They have also begun bringing on more students to continue the project after they graduate. This includes enlisting students who are also more familiar with Photoshop, lighting, and a crew to help with spotting, setting top and taking down photo shoots. Below are just a few shots from the awesome they been able to produce.

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