• Philosophy


    I believe all kids deserve the opportunity to learn and be inspired to pursue their passions. I believe that school's primary mission is to also ensure academic achievement and healthy social emotional development of all students in a caring and nurturing environment.


    As an instructor of art I have three goals: to demonstrate by example the connection between art and life- to emphasize that art does not exist apart from life, but rather grows out of it; to help my students identify their own individual creative aptitudes and, having done so, to help them strengthen and cherish those impulses; and to instill in them an understanding and appreciation for the expressions of others.


    As a learner and honer of my craft, I am someone who thinks creatively and brings the knowledge that a strong foundation in the arts is not simply the manipulation of artistic mediums, but a bridge that connects individuals to other domains.


    These lofty ideas are not written to impress, but rather are the actual practices that I, as a working artist and teacher, incorporate into my everyday life. I believe that by so doing, I am helping to develop free and independent thinkers, protectors of culture, and hopefully, more humane and respectful citizens of the world tomorrow.

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